Done-For-You Marketing Solutions For SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS That Dramatically Increase Sales & Profits

Who we are and what we do:

We are a direct response marketing agency that provides proven marketing solutions for small business owners.

We provide a unique managed  marketing service, designed to deliver more leads and sales with lower marketing costs.

We deliver measurable results that justify your marketing investment.

Think of us as your outsourced marketing director – much more affordable than hiring in-house.


Why Partner With Us?

  • We make the marketing of your business simple and easy for you so that you deal with no headaches and stress.
  • Done-for-you marketing solutions provide everything you need in one place.
  • We take care of  all the marketing work for you so you can focus on your business.
  • We are your partner in business so that you are not alone.
  • There are no lock-in contracts. You are free to end our partnership at any time with 30 days’ notice.
  • Work with someone you can trust to treat your business as our own.
  • We never promise what we can’t deliver.
  • Fast implementation. Fast results.
  • Results-based marketing. No results, you don’t pay. Simple as that.


Results-Based Solutions We Provide For Your Business:

  • Increase your business exposure so that you attract more of your ideal customers and clients
  • Create a marketing system & a marketing strategy for your business so that you can grow your business systematically and predictably
  • Create an extreme competitive advantage
  • Get your customers to come back more often, have them spending more on each visit and send you more referrals than you ever thought possible
  • Cut all the waste in your advertising so that you get a positive ROI for each dollar you invest
  • Maximize conversion in each and every step of your marketing funnel so that you squeeze the maximum profit
  • Help you make more money by doing less work so that you can have more free time and enjoy life
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picture_of_petru  Petru Cretu (Peter)

  • Owner at Solution Groups Marketing, LLC
  • Marketing strategist and business builder
  • Local & Mobile marketing expert
  • Trusted marketing adviser

I am ready to help you dramatically grow your business.



Phone: (706) 870 – 4594



Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”

Col 3:23

Rules for working with us

  • We work with people, not for people. We are partners. We are not just a vendor or a service provider.
  • We expect our relationship with our clients to be a relationship of honesty and trust.
  • We value your time as we expect you to respect ours.
  • We care about your business and our goal for you is to be successful. We expect you to listen and implement our marketing advice.
  • We like to work with positive and thankful people. Negative people should not apply.
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It is a 25-30 questions questionnaire regarding your business and marketing (takes about 60 minutes to complete) .

How does it help me?

  • This audit will help you discover the hidden gold in your business that you didn’t even know you had.
  • It will help you discover the money leaks in your business.
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  • It will give you a good idea on how should you improve your marketing.
  • It will help both of us to get an idea if we can work together, if we are a good fit.
  • And last, but not least, it will help us figure out if we can help you or not. We will honestly tell you if we can or can’t help you.

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About Your Prospects/Customers:

Today’s customers are smart and know when you’re trying to squeeze more out of their wallet.

What it all comes down to is value.

Helping your customer to get exactly what they want without compromise & feel good about it not only makes you more money, it makes them happier in the long run.

You make a sale to get a customer, you do not get a customer to make a sale. Customers are more important than sales.

6 Secrets Your Ad Agency Doesn’t Want You to Know

Clever ads can win awards and fame for your advertising agency. That’s great for them, but probably money down the drain for you.

You see, if your advertising agency is creating image-oriented ads, direct mail, brochures, sales sheets, websites, inserts and other collateral, you’re probably spending big money and getting little in return.

Don’t worry. Using these 6 easy secrets will let you double, triple or even more than quadruple the return on your marketing investment. What are the three secrets?

Secret #1

Choose only direct response copy

Good direct response copy is easy to recognize. Not because it wins an ADDY® or Clio Award for the agency. But because your toll-free phone number is ringing more, your website is generating more business and your postal carrier is delivering more checks to your address.

Why? Because the hallmark of good marketing is that it motivates your prospect to pick up the phone and call your toll-free number, go to your website and enter a credit card number or drop that check in the mail right away. At best, image-oriented ads help that same audience feel good about your product or service.

Secret #2

Direct response copy succeeds because it’s based in science

Most advertising agencies create art: clever copy, beautiful design. But if you want to get new customers, generate more revenue and make sales, pretty art is only a small part of the battle.

Sure, a direct response agency creates art, too. But the ads they create for you will be based on the science of what makes advertising effective and why. Using tried-and-true rules, a direct response copywriter will:

Grab the attention of your prospect

Powerfully position your company and product in your prospect’s mind

Overcome your prospect’s skepticism and objections

Create a “branding” effect that will help you gain market share

Motivate your prospect to pick up the phone, go to your website or drop an order in the mail to you right now

It’s easy to see how mastering the science behind direct response marketing gives your marketing materials the power to rapidly expand your customer/client base and dramatically increase your sales and profits.

And it’s even easier to see how not knowing the rules results in image-based ads being huge wastes of time and money. But what are these time-tested and proven direct response marketing rules?

Secret #3


Yes, direct response copywriters don’t begin with a clever idea. They begin with you. They:

Discover what’s unique about you, your product or service

Decide exactly how your prospects will benefit from the most important features of your product or service…and then tell them how these features benefit them

Reveal your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to your prospect

Create a specific, clear theme

Develop a personal, one-on-one communication

After reading your ad or marketing material, your prospects will clearly understand how your product or service serves their needs and desires. Your prospects quickly become your buyers because they see why using your product or service is advantageous to them.

Your direct mail pieces, advertisements, websites and other materials have convinced them to buy. Image-oriented copywriters will attempt to sell your product’s or service’s features (characteristics). The truth is, features do not sell. In fact, feature-oriented advertising results in disastrous failures.

At best, these marketing materials fall short of their potential and cost you time and money.

Cold, hard truth #1:

By definition, advertising agencies specialize in creating cute, short copy, the goal of which is to get your product or service noticed.

Cold, hard truth #2:

Most advertisements won’t give you a fair return on your investment, and they aren’t accountable.


Secret #4

Direct response copy is a better return on your investment

Advertising agencies make a lot of money on fancy campaigns, but a hardworking direct response copy campaign is one of the best marketing investments you can make in your business. Period.

This is seen clearly with direct mail testing, but the principle is the same with email, websites and other communications. Here’s how we know: For decades, direct marketers using direct response copy have:

Compiled the response rate to tens of thousands of advertisements, marketing materials, direct mail packages, radio spots and television commercials. In the last decade, they’ve gathered responses to websites, emails, banner ads and pay-per-click ads as well.

Compared marketing copy and strategies with the quantity and quality of responses.

Discovered which strategies and tactics were hugely successful, which were moderately successful and which were devastating failures.

Analyzed exactly why successful marketing strategies and techniques earned their companies hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and why some didn’t.

Validated their discoveries through solid accountability, testing again and again.

Over the years, each direct marketer has developed a knowledge-base of copy strategies and techniques that work, as well as when they work and why. Many have documented what they’ve learned into a code of direct marketing rules.

There’s no question that there are exceptions to the rules. But great direct response copywriters know when and how to break them.

All in all, decades of testing prove that almost any kind of direct response copy gets more results than almost any image advertising copy. Check out this proven fact:

Secret #5

Long copy almost always works better than short copy

A five-way test was conducted to compare results using several different sizes of brochures, sales letters and a self-mailer.

Take a look at the results: This five-way test clearly demonstrates two important facts. The first is that a letter is one of the most important marketing materials you can invest in. The second important fact? As you can see from the test results, response to a long letter can significantly out pull response to a short letter.

The truth is if your product or service is worth selling to your customers, it deserves a sales letter that packs an emotional wallop, shows your customers what’s unique about you, explains why you benefit them more than your competitors do and overcomes their objections. Involving your readers and telling them exactly what you want them to do might take more than one or two pages of copy.

For instance, lead copy should be shorter than sales copy. Also, the more expensive or complicated a product, the longer the copy needs to be. In fact, Internet products usually require the longest copy.

Secret #6

Writing great copy requires mastery of direct marketing strategies and techniques

Your image-based advertising agency wants you to believe that no one can write sales copy like their clever copywriters. Don’t believe them.

And beware of nonprofessionals like my Aunt Mary Bell. Sweet woman, means well. But she is absolutely convinced she can write great copy—after all, she is a great writer. If you’ve even glanced at the profit and loss statements from your marketing division, you know another truth.

In these times, constructing copy that sells your product or service requires more technique, psychology and science than even a great salesman/huckster like Phineas Taylor Barnum could muster. Here’s the good news:

• Writing surefire “get ‘em to pick up the phone and buy right now” direct response copy isn’t a mystery. It’s part art, part science, and direct marketers have mastered both.

• Your response rate can easily be doubled, tripled, quadrupled or more when you hire a professional direct marketing copywriter to write your sales copy.

• Your investment in direct marketing really pays off, while what you spend on advertising is marginal.

Remember, direct response copywriters use scientifically proven, time-tested words in the hunt for customers or leads.